Beach Pictures Reel

A highlight reel of Beach Pictures' sizzles, pilots, and series work in development.

The Catalina

See the CW's summer reality series going behind the scenes a sexy South Beach hotel.


Go undercover with the most hardcore animal abuse investigators worldwide.

Miami's Finest

A real life buddy cop story behind the scenes of the Special Operations Section of the Miami Police Department.

Cabana Boys

Inspired by the classic Matt Dillon 80’s Flick “The Flamingo Kid” and the summer blockbuster “Cocktail” Starring Tom Cruise. Cabana Boys takes you on an inside look at the big spending, sun bathing, wet and wild world of being pool side South Beach style.

Ballet Beach

This is no dance contest. Every girl was once dressed up in a tu tu, fashioned of being a ballerina. We capture the reality.

The Afterparty

What happens when the last person in the world who should be running for office runs for Mayor of Miami Beach?

The Hipster Complex

Every hipster will tell you they're not a hipster. It's the hipster complex. Go inside the lives of a crew of high school kids who are self-proclaimed anti-hipsters.

Iron Beauty

A reality competition series to find the next top female fitness model.

The Polo Life

Polo: the sport of kings. Its royals still drop in on the action. And nary a game go by where champagne and caviar don’t go served.

The Box Hotel

A free hotel where guests compete online and on tv to be on permanent vacation. Sponsorships available, please contact Beach Pictures' representation.

Island Dogs

See how locals party in Key West where the staff of the bar Island Dogs rules its domain in the town with the highest concentration of bars nationwide.


A Latin web series following the privileged lives of two best friends from Spain as they struggle and grow up in Miami's all too enticing scene.

Special Agents: Miami

Want a million dollar view? Catch up with Miami's top young realtors who are listing seven figure penthouses, waterfront villas, and the biggest of mansions on a daily basis.

Boys of Bed

Watch as four twenty four year olds who grew up together buy a club on hyper competitive South Beach for $4 million dollars. A look behind the velvet ropes to the back office of a club where $25,000 is made a night and friendship meets business.


TV Journalist Kimberly Kennedy went from having it all to being left at the alter. Kennedy shares intimate details of people moving on after the broken vows and broken hearts.


Contrast takes two people from the same exact background and discover how each other got to this point in life along divergent paths.

Model Beach Volleyball

Model Beach Volleyball 2016 is open for a broadcast partner.


A new US Hispanic based HOW TO destination for premium content catering to the growing Latino population.


He went looking for a story...then became the story.

The Business of Color


Step inside the world of sneakerheads.


There is nothing normal about this wolfpack as it roams Miami in search of one hell of a good time.

Can South Beach Sink?